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Dog Bite

Los Angeles Dog Bite Attorney

While dogs make for very common and loving pets, not all dogs are safe, and some pose serious risks to the health and well-being of the public. When dogs attack, you need an experienced Los Angeles Dog Bite Attorneys at Dash and Port, LLP to assess your case and assist in obtaining monetary damages for your injuries.


California is a strict liability state when it comes to incidents involving victims of dog bites. A victim need not prove a prior incident of a bite, prior vicious propensity of the dog, nor any negligence on behalf of the owner. That means that California imposes a higher degree of responsibility and liability on dog owners, which helps protect the health and safety of the community from dangerous dogs. These laws also promote owner accountability, foster incentives for dog training and behavior intervention, and encourage proper supervision and care of pets. 


California Civil Code § 3342 finds that the owner of the dog who inflicted the injuries is liable so long as the injury occurred in a public space, or on private property and so long as there was no trespassing.


With that said, every case is different. Factors such as the type of dog, whether the dog had a prior history of an attack or attacks, and the propensity of the dog to attack, in order to consider whether the owner to reasonable precautions to safeguard against the incident in question.


If you were injured in a dog bite incident, you may have rights to recover for medical bills, emotional and psychological distress, scarring, disfigurement, past and future operations, loss of consortium and more.

You need an experienced dog bite lawyer to assess the facts and circumstances in your unique case in order to help devise a plan of action to maximize benefits in your personal injury case.

If you were involved in a dog bite case, take the following steps:

1. Get to a safe location to safeguard against further attacks, if possible.

2. Immediately call for medical attention, or request that someone else nearby call for help.

3. Take pictures or have someone else take pictures of the location and the dog, if possible.

4. Find out the name of the owner, attempt to get a photo of their license, and request that they provide you with their homeowner’s or renter’s insurance information.

5. Take down witness information, if any, including names, phone numbers and addresses.

6. Consider reporting the injury to the local animal control unit to help protect others from future attacks.

Call the Los Angeles dog bite attorneys at Dash & Port, LLP for a free consultation at 310-616-5100.

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