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Collision between a car and a truck transporting goods. Accident followed by fire. The car

Truck Accidents

Truck Accident Cases

18-wheeler or semi-truck accidents can happen. Unfortunately, in the state of California, especially in heavily trafficked cities like Los Angeles, it has become widespread to be involved in a truck-related accident. Though various factors could cause this incident, there is a more significant opportunity for the party injured to be financially compensated. 


Large trucks and commercial wheeler accidents tend to be more catastrophic than other on-the-road incidents because of their size, limited visibility, and brake speed. Victims of this type of accident can sustain moderate to fatal injuries needing emergency medical attention. 


If you or a loved one were involved in a truck-related accident, you may be entitled to file a personal injury claim to the party at fault for personal injuries, auto damages, and more. Our knowledgeable California truck accident lawyers at Dash & Port LLP, Injury Attorneys are available to provide legal assistance. We will evaluate your injury claim to identify who is liable for damages. With our expertise, we are confident our team will successfully resolve your dispute. 

Five Causes of LA Truck Accidents:

  1. Driver Mistake 

    1. It takes a significant amount of time to become a licensed commercial truck driver and have a higher responsibility to keep themselves and others safe; truck drivers have been highly susceptible to causing an accident simply by human error. Like other drivers, semi truck drivers can cause collisions due to drowsiness, drunk or under the influence, reckless driving, strenuous hours on the road, or distraction. 

  2. Negligence of Hiring Truck Company & Training 

    1. As previously mentioned, the truck driver is held to a higher standard and driving requirements than the common auto vehicle. By failing to properly hire a licensed driver or perform sufficient training, the original hiring company is now a contributing party to the accident. 

  3. Inadequate Car Maintenance & Equipment Failure

    1. With a high demand to fulfill merchandise and other goods throughout the nation, truck drivers are required to adhere to strict timelines. Every day, their trucks cover thousands of miles and consequently require regular and intensive care. Equipment can break down and lose function very quickly when it doesn't undergo maintenance as frequently as it should or when the upkeep is poor quality. An accident caused by equipment failure may include multiple parties, including the manufacturer, the truck's seller, and the mechanic who performed repairs.

  4. Road & Weather Conditions 

    1. Driving is more dangerous in the rain, snow, and ice since the vehicle needs a longer stopping distance. Truck drivers are licensed to be prepared to use safe braking methods to prevent skidding, hydroplaning, and jackknifing, but in some incidents, these actions are not enough. 

  5. Improper Loading 

    1. The correct loading of a truck's cargo is governed by industry regulations. Truck drivers and cargo loading crews must adhere to each category's weight, size, length, breadth, and height restrictions. They must also appropriately secure the cargo. During the loading of freight, carelessness has caused fatal crashes by not complying with standard regulations and procedures.

Common Injuries From Truck Accidents:

Smaller vehicle occupants may suffer catastrophic injuries in large truck crashes, mostly noted because of the differences in size. Large truck accidents frequently result in catastrophic injury or, worse yet, wrongful death; even while some accident injury victims may be able to escape from a semi-truck accident with minor wounds like scrapes and bruises, the reality is the results tend to lean to much greater injuries and medical attention. 


Injuries include: 


-Severe Brain Injuries & Concussions 

-Spinal Cord Damage

-Back & Neck Trauma

-Broken Bones


-Internal Injuries

-Torn Ligaments, Tendons, & Muscle Damage

-Wrongful Death


Consult the Los Angeles truck accident lawyers at Dash & Port LLP, Injury Attorneys if a commercial vehicle mishap has left you or a loved one injured to find out how to defend your legal rights.

Type of Compensation You Are Entitled To:

How much is my injury claim worth? This is a common question we address for clients during our initial evaluations of the claim. The answer will be different for each client, but the sorts of damages that can be awarded—including economic or non-economic damages and civil penalties —remain largely the same in each case. Depending on the specifics of your truck accident injury case, a settlement or judgment award may be able to compensate you for a wide range of losses. A Dash & Port LLP, Injury Attorneys Los Angeles truck accident lawyer will provide consultation to discuss the potential value of your accident case.


Compensations may include: 


-Medical Expenses 

-Pain & Suffering 

-Vehicle Damages 

-Lost Wages & Future Wages

-Cost of medication 

-Funeral & Burial Expenses

-Out-of-Pocket Expenses 

-Life-Changing Disabilities & Disfigurement 

-Punitive Damages


Major instances involving catastrophic vehicle accidents will typically be compensated over minor claims. Further compensation may be granted by a judge or jury in cases of wrongful death or severe physical injuries. Punitive damages are an additional award you may get from a judge if the defendant caused your injury with egregious negligence or recklessness. If we think going to court will get the client a better settlement, our attorneys at Dash & Port are not afraid to do so.

Truck Accident Statistics in California:

100,817 truck-related injuries and 4,965 fatalities nationwide, including 398 deaths in California, were reported in 2020. Truck accidents and fatalities are frequently found in work zones, and non-intersection roads, and 47% of large truck incidents have happened at night (Source: Institute for Safer Trucking). 


California has been repeatedly ranked as one of the top 10 states for truck accidents by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS). In 2020, it was ranked #2 under Texas. 


2020 California Truck Accident Statistics Include: 

  • In the last 10 years, fatal truck accidents in California increased by 41 percent.

  • Nearly 400 people were killed in truck accidents.

  • California’s most dangerous highways for truck accidents are the I-5, I-10, and I-75; each freeway averages 1,000 truck accidents annually in California.

  • 77% of fatal truck crashes happened on non-intersection roads. 


The LAPD reports that speed is the main factor in most Los Angeles automobile accidents. Drivers need to operate their vehicles at a safe speed or risk a collision due to lousy brake time.

What to do Immediately After the Truck Accident:

Being in a truck accident can be a terrifying experience.


It might be challenging to know what to do at the collision scene and in the early aftermath of the accident when emotions are running high and there is a risk of severe injuries.


At Dash & Port LLP, Injury Attorneys, the steps you take following an accident could harm or benefit your health and legal rights.


We've created a to-do list of things to do following a truck collision to ensure you take all crucial measures.


  • Stop at the scene. In a collision, all drivers must halt their cars safely not to cause any more wreckage. Drivers who flee the scene of an accident may face hit-and-run charges.

  • Call 911. If you think someone might be hurt, dial 911. If you need to make an accident report, use the non-emergency number for your neighborhood police station; if the accident occurred within the Los Angeles region, please call 877 ASK-LAPD. Every incident that results in injuries or property damage must be reported to the police. If an accident occurs, you'll want a police officer to visit the site and file a report.

  • Consult medical attention. The top priority should be seeking assistance if somebody is gravely harmed. Even if you first don't believe you were wounded, you should visit a doctor as soon as you can following any accident. Further injuries may be more severe than initially thought. Receiving medical attention may result in a record linking your injuries to the truck accident.

  • Take pictures of the accident. Take photos of your vehicle, the truck, any other cars involved in the collision, and the accident scene, if you can. Images from the scene could be constructive in demonstrating how the truck accident occurred.

  • Get the names and phone numbers of other drivers and witnesses. We also recommend getting the name of the trucking firm, the truck driver's contact information, and insurance details. Obtaining the contact details of witnesses is also a wise move because they can corroborate your account of what happened. In the police report, contact information for drivers and witnesses is frequently provided.

  • Be cautious with your words at the scene of the accident. You should cooperate with the authorities, but you don't want to unintentionally say anything that could harm your ability to receive compensation for the truck accident or that implies you were at fault. To the questions posed, give precise responses. Don't express an opinion about who was at fault, don't reveal redundant information, and don't apologize.

  • Avoid speaking with insurance adjusters at the accident scene or without seeking legal counsel. When an insurance adjuster from the trucking company or the truck driver visits the location of the accident, you should avoid saying anything that could jeopardize your right to compensation. You are not required to talk to the adjuster. You must seek legal counsel to sign any paperwork or documents from an insurance company.

  • Call a lawyer as soon as you can. Our truck accident attorneys at Dash & Port provide truck accident victims in California with free consultations. 

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